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Material Comparison

Plastics comparison made easy.

Compare up to three materials with each other and determine the right plastic for your application.

Material comparison

Metal and X-ray Detectable Plastics

In addition to the food-approved materials, our product range also includes metal- and X-ray-detectable plastics. The starting materials for these are PEEK, POM, PE and PA 6.

The metal and X-ray detectable materials enable manufacturers of food processing machinery to handle the detection of damage and wear on machine components more efficiently.

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Tolerances of Plastic Components

Plastics are subject to different physical laws than metals.

The up to 10-fold greater thermal expansion, the change in volume due to moisture absorption and subsequent dimensional changes due to the reduction of residual stresses in long-term behavior preclude the guarantee of close dimensional tolerances.

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Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011

Food-grade plastics.

Our high-quality finished parts made of engineering plastics come into contact with food in many applications, such as components in filling, mixing and portioning systems.

Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011


Tempering generally describes the heat treatment of the material over a longer period of time.

The aim here is to maintain certain desirable service properties. In the case of plastics, this is done by heat storage in a convection oven with temperature control.

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