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PE 300 (polyethylene 300)

This material is also known as PE-HD (“high density”).

PE 300 is a semi-crystalline material with a low molecular weight and relatively short polymer chains. The material is comparatively soft and thus has good damping properties. PE 300 has very high impact strength and elongation at break. Other outstanding properties such as low moisture absorption, good chemical resistance and good insulating properties make PE 300 a very versatile material.


The properties of PE 300 are:

  • physiologically harmless
  • very high impact strength
  • high elongation at break
  • good damping properties
  • very low moisture absorption
  • good chemical resistance
  • inexpensive material


PE 300 can be used in the following areas:

  • Damping elements
  • Welded constructions
  • Guides
  • Covers
  • Spacers
  • Impact protection strips


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