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Techtron® HPV PPS (PolyPhenylene Sulfide)

PolyPhenylene sulfide (PPS) is a semi-crystalline, high-temperature resistant thermoplastic.

The chemical structure of PPS is a very resistant strong polymer with excellent mechanical strength even at temperatures above 200 ° C. Besides a low water absorption PPS also has good dimensional stability and shows excellent electrical properties. In addition, PPS is chemically very stable even at elevated temperatures. The most commonly used semi-manufactured variant is the Techtron® HPV PPS. This modification has an excellent combination of properties in terms of wear resistance, mechanical bearing capacity and dimensional stability, both in contact with chemicals and at high temperatures.

Techtron® HPV PPS can be used wherever PA, POM, PET or other plastics are no longer sufficient or where less demanding high-tech applications are needed, and is a more economical alternative to PI, PEEK or PAI. Thanks to its homogeneously distributed solid lubricant, Techtron® HPV PPS has excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of sliding friction. It overcomes the disadvantages of the unfilled PPS (high coefficient of sliding friction) as well as the glass fibre reinforced PPS (premature wear of the mating surface) in sliding elements.


The properties of Techtron® HPV PPS are:
  • High mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness
  • Very high upper service temperature limit in air (220° C - lasting up to 260° C for a short time)
  • Excellent wear resistance even at high temperatures
  • Low coefficient of sliding friction
  • Good creep resistance
  • Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability


Techtron® HPV PPS can be used in the following areas:
  • Parts in chemical process plants
  • Insulating parts for high temperatures
  • Components for drying and food preparation ovens

Modification options

PPS-GF40, black (natural)
  • This is a reinforced with 40% glass fibres PPS type. The glass fibre reinforcement achieves significantly higher stiffness, creep resistance and significantly better dimensional stability.


Your personal contact

  • Christian Hillebrand

    Christian Hillebrand

    Authorized officer Contact for costing
  • Heinz Otto Kuhn

    Heinz Otto Kuhn

    Managing director and founder Contact for application consulting and calculation / purchasing
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