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PVDF (polyvinylidenefluoride)

PVDF is an opaque, semi-crystalline, thermoplastic fluoroplastic.

PVDF is characterized by excellent chemical resistance, but without sharing the disadvantages of low mechanical values or difficult machinability of the other fluoroplastics.


The properties of PVDF are:
  • higher mechanical strength than PTFE
  • low density compared to other fluoroplastics
  • high chemical resistance
  • sterilisation and hydrolysis resistance
  • igh upper continuous service temperature in air (150°C)
  • no water absorption
  • BGA and FDA approval
  • very good UV- and weather resistance
  • flame retardant, self extinguishing
  • good dimensional stability
  • good hydrolysis resistance
  • radiation resistant
  • good electrical insulator
  • high abrasion resistance


PVDF can be used in the following areas:
  • Heat exchangers, pumps parts
  • Valves, pipes, fittings
  • Gears, cams, races
  • Bearing, housing
  • Mouldings for circuits
  • Insulators
  • Apparatuses of the chemical, petroleum, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food, nuclear and papermaking industries


PVDF is available in the following dimensions:
  • Extruded sheets: 2000 x 1000 x 1 - 20 mm
  • Plates 2000 x 1000 x 10 - 80 mm
  • Plates 3000 x 610 / 500 x 10 - 100 mm
  • Round rods Ø 10 - 250 x 2000 / 3000 mm
  • thin-walled hollow bars (dimensions on request)


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