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Thread cutting refers to a process for the machining of threads.

A distinction is made between internal and external threads. We have the right tools for almost all common threads.

We have the possibility to produce among others the following threads:


  • M (Metric ISO thread)
  • PG (Panzer thread)
  • NPT (American Standard Pipe Thread)
  • UNC (American Unified Coarse Thread)
  • UNF (American Unified Fine Thread)
  • Tr (ISO trapezoidal metric thread)
  • G (cylindrical Withworth thread)
  • R (conical Withworth thread)
  • Rd (cylindrical round thread)

Is the thread you need not listed?

Simply send us a short request and we will immediately check whether we can manufacture the desired thread for you. It is also possible that you provide us with a counterpart, which we then use for fitting.

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  • Heinz Otto Kuhn

    Heinz Otto Kuhn

    CEO and Founder Application consulting, calculation and purchasing
  • Klaus Prior

    Klaus Prior

    Quality Management Officer Quality assurance and scheduling
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