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CNC milling (3 - 4 axes)

We currently have 15 CNC milling machines with travel lengths of up to 3200mm in the X-axis and 800mm in the Y-direction.

The tool magazines can accommodate up to 30 different tools, some of which are manufactured in-house as a special tool.

These machines include two pallet changing milling machines, which have two working spaces arranged one behind the other. The great advantage of this system is that, on the one hand, the workpiece is processed according to the program and the second pallet can be equipped at the same time.

4. Axis and Swivel Table

Combined turned and milled parts as well as gears and screws can be produced on the fourth axis.

There is not necessarily the requirement to unclamp and reorient the components, which will certainly save valuable working time. Precisely defined holes, grooves or slots can therefore be incorporated at defined points.

The pivoting table has the great advantage that multiple bevels or inclined holes can be made in a tension. Re-tensioning and alignment is not required.


NC and Manual Milling

On our NC and manual universal milling machines we have the possibility to process workpieces horizontally. Even simpler contours can be made on these machines.

Vacuum Clamping Plates

Flat, thin workpieces cannot be clamped with standard vices.

The components would warp and fail to meet the required quality and precision. Therefore, we have several permanently installed vacuum clamping plates, which can also be used simultaneously as a machine table. This creates the great advantage that you can save considerable set-up time for the dismantling and building of the vacuum clamping plates. We also have several mobile vacuum clamping plates, which are also used in the 5-axis milling area.

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