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CNC-Milling (3-4 Axes)

We have 20 CNC milling machines with maximum travel paths of up to 3200 mm in the X-axis and 1550 mm in the Y-axis.

The tool magazines can hold up to 30 different tools, some of which are also manufactured in-house as special tools. These machines include two pallet changing milling machines, which are equipped with two working areas arranged one behind the other. These machines offer the advantage that the workpiece on one pallet can be machined according to the CNC program and the second pallet can be loaded at the same time.






4. Axis and Swivel Table

Combined turned and milled parts as well as gears and worms can be produced on the fourth axis.

Components do not have to be unclamped and realigned for each operation, which leads to a significant reduction in runtime. Holes, slots or oblong holes can thus also be machined very precisely at defined points.

The swivel table offers the great advantage that several bevels or oblique bores can be produced in one clamping. Reclamping and alignment are not necessary.




NC and Manual Milling

On our NC and manual universal milling machines we have the possibility to machine workpieces horizontally. Simpler contours are also produced on these machines.

Vacuum Clamping Plates

Flat, thin workpieces cannot be clamped with commercially available vices.

The components would not withstand such a load and as a result would not meet the required quality and dimensional accuracy. Therefore, we have several permanently installed vacuum clamping plates, which are also used as a machine table. This leads to a considerable reduction in set-up times for mounting and dismounting the vacuum clamping plates. In addition, depending on the component, it is possible to use mobile vacuum clamping plates in the 5-axis milling area.







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