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5-Axis CNC-Milling

Digital drives and powerful CNC controls provide the prerequisites for being able to manufacture even complex workpieces in a maximum of two setups.

We have several state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC milling machines, which differ in design as follows:

  • Rotary-swivel table 5-axis machining
  • Swivel spindle 4/5-axis machining


Both types of 5-axis machining centers are used in our production, which ensures high flexibility in the production of complex and larger components. Especially for large series, our 5-axis machining centers enable an optimal economical production.

In conjunction with our CAD/CAM system, we can simultaneously produce 3D free-form surfaces, curves and transitions in various milling planes. Furthermore, we have the possibility to mount an additional rotary table (A-axis) in the 4/5-axis machining center, e.g. to manufacture worms or gears or to perform milling work on turned parts. A major advantage of machining finished parts on our 5-axis machining centers is additionally that the reclamping errors of conventional milling technology are avoided.

Rotary Swivel Table 5-Axis Machining

In rotary/swivel table 5-axis machining, the clamping table can also be swiveled in the A and C axes in addition to the X, Y, Z axes.



Rotary-swivel range:
X = 500 mm
Y = 650 mm
Z = 520 mm
A = +11° to -101°
C = 360°


Fixed machine table:
X = 570 mm
Y = 650 mm
Z = 520 mm

Swivel Spindle 4/5-Axis Machining

When machining with a 4/5-axis swivel spindle, both the milling head (B-axis) and a fixed rotary table (C-axis) in the machine room can be swiveled or rotated in addition to the X, Y and Z axes.



Rotation/swiveling range:
X = 2600 mm
Y = 750 mm
Z = 695 mm
B = -98° to +98°
C = 360°


Interference circle diameter:
= 1100 mm

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