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PE 1000 (polyethylene 1000)

This material is also known as PE-UHMW (“ultra high molecular weight”).

PE 1000 has a very balanced property profile. This plastic combines good wear and abrasion resistance with outstanding impact strength, even at temperatures below -200°C. These properties are due to the extremely long molecular chains. PE 1000 can absorb a great deal of impact energy without breaking.


The properties of PE 1000 are:
  • excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • high impact resistance, even at low temperatures
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • low density compared to other thermoplastics
  • low coefficient of friction
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • very low water absorption
  • moderate mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance
  • very good electrical insulation and dielectric properties (with the exception of static dissipative types)
  • excellent machinability
  • physiologically harmless (several types are suitable for contact with food)
  • good resistance to high-energy radiation (gamma and X-rays)
  • not self-extinguishing (except TIVAR® Burnguard)


PE 1000 can be used in the following areas:
  • Format parts for packaging and filling machines
  • Sliding elements
  • Sliding profiles and chain guides
  • Gears with a large module (eg in the galvanic industry)

Color variants

PE 1000 is available in the following colors:
  • natural (white)
  • black
  • green
  • blue
  • red
  • yellow

Modification options

Modification by additives for the improvement of properties.
  • PE 1000 AST (with addition of conductive carbon black for antistatic properties)
  • PE 1000 Regenerate (pure recycled material as an environmentally friendly alternative)
  • see TIVAR® special products

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