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Together with drilling, milling and grinding, turning is one of the most important manufacturing processes in machining technology.

With the help of our state-of-the-art CNC lathes, we can guarantee high-quality turned parts and economical production. From the simple ring to the highly complex component, the right machine is available in each case.

CNC Automatic Lathes

Several CNC lathes with hydraulic rod magazine and driven tools enable fast and precise machining.


  • hydraulic bar magazine up to diameter 80 mm
  • Diameter as chuck max. 260 mm
  • Max. Tip width 600 mm

CNC Lathes

Our machinery includes several modern CNC lathes.

Also for large turned parts, our machinery includes the appropriate CNC large lathes with driven tools.


  • Diameter as chuck part max. 1100 mm
  • Center length 2000 mm
  • Passage Ø 130 mm (without bar magazine)

Driven Tools

Turning and milling in only one clamping.

For precise and economical production, our CNC automatic lathes as well as CNC lathes are equipped with driven tools.

Many operations, such as milling, width across flats, marking, drilling or threading can be produced directly in one clamping.

Manual Turning

For simple turned parts and smaller quantities.

Besides the wide range of CNC lathes and automatic lathes, we also have several manual lathes.


  • Manual bar feeder up to diameter 77 mm.
  • diameter as chuck part max. 650 mm
  • max. center width 1900 mm

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