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CNC Turning

High-quality turned parts and economical production are no problem with our lathes. From simple rings to highly complex components, the right machine is always available.

CNC Automatic Lathes

Several CNC lathes with hydraulic rod magazine and driven tools enable fast and precise machining.


  • hydraulic bar magazine up to diameter 80 mm
  • Diameter as chuck max. 260 mm
  • Max. Tip width 600 mm

CNC Lathes

Our machinery includes several modern CNC lathes.

Large Turned Parts? No problem for us! Exactly for this requirement we have our CNC lathe with driven tools ready.


  • Diameter as chuck max. 1100 mm
  • Max. Peak length 2000 mm
  • Passage Ø 130 mm (without bar magazine)

Driven Tools

For a precise and economical production we have the possibility to work with driven tools on our CNC lathes as well as on our CNC lathes.

Many operations, e.g. Milling, key widths, markings, holes and threads are produced directly in a tension.

Manual Turning

In order to be able to offer you precise and economic production methods for simple turned parts and small quantities, several manual lathes are available in our machine park.


  • Manual bar feeder up to diameter 77 mm
  • Diameter as chuck maximum 650 mm
  • Max. Top width 1900 mm

Your personal contact

  • Heinz Otto Kuhn

    Heinz Otto Kuhn

    Managing director and founder Contact for application consulting and calculation / purchasing
  • Klaus Prior

    Klaus Prior

    Contact for quality assurance and scheduling
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