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Product examples

Machine and plant engineering

Machine and plant applications

  • Drive elements
  • Transport and conveyor screws
  • Chain guides
  • Narrow tolerance machine parts
  • Guide rails
  • Sliding elements
  • Shock and impact-stressed parts
  • One-off orders and much more

Electrical industry

  • High electrical conductivity or insulation
  • Flame retardants
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Good dimensional stability

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

In this manufacturing sector, we mainly supply manufacturers of packaging and filling machines.

The format of parts such as rotational stars and screws demands very high standards of dimensional accuracy and surface quality. In such cases, “POM” or “PETP” is often used. are also demands of Customers also demand antistatic and wear resistance: this is where our premium PE materials “Tivar® CleanStat” and “Tivar® H.O.T” are in their element. Often, sterilization and/or autoclaving is required, where the materials must be able to withstand temperature up to 134 ° C and hydrolysis; in this case, “PEEK” is commonly used.

Food industry

In the area of food production and packaging, special materials and solutions are required due to the strict regulations and sensitive working environments that apply.

The Kuhn product portfolio includes amongst others various materials that comply with the strict EU Regulation 10/2011 of the European Commission. With “POM”, “PE” and “PEEK”, the range also includes metallic detectable materials.

Other industrial applications

Aerospace, transportation, automation and measuring technology, hydraulics and valves, etc. are other areas where our plastic parts and assemblies play their part.

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  • Thomas Kuhn

    Thomas Kuhn

    Managing Director Contact for application consulting and costing
  • Klaus Prior

    Klaus Prior

    Contact for quality assurance and scheduling
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