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PPSU (polyphenylene sulfone)

PPSU is an amorphous plastic. The material combines a high melting temperature with a very low water absorption.

In addition, it has better impact resistance and chemical resistance than PSU and PES.

In addition to these properties, PPSU has significantly better hot steam sterilization and resistance to detergents and disinfectants, compared to the other representatives of this class of plastic.


The properties of PPSU are:
  • High service temperature (180 ° C)
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance (suitable for repeated steam sterilization)
  • High rigidity over a wide temperature range
  • Very high impact resistance
  • High dimensional stability
  • Very good resistance to high-energy radiation (Gamma and x-rays)
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Favourable dielectric properties


The applications of PPSU are:
  • Positioning sleeves for endoscope probes
  • Medical bars
  • Precision components in electrical engineering


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  • Stefan Geis

    Stefan Geis

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  • Heinz Otto Kuhn

    Heinz Otto Kuhn

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