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PA 12 extruded (polyamide 12 extruded)

PA 12 is a semi-crystalline polyamide with very high toughness and good chemical resistance.

Of all the polyamides, PA 12 is characterized by the lowest water absorption. In addition, it has a good impact resistance.


The properties of PA 12 extruded are:
  • Lowest water absorption
  • Very good impact strength and notched impact strength
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Very good resistance to stress cracking
  • Good sliding friction behaviour


PA 12 extruded can be used in the following areas:
  • Precision parts
  • Drive parts
  • Housing

Modification options

PA12 GF30
PA 12 reinforced with 30% glass fibre has higher strength, stiffness, creep resistance, and dimensional stability than the unreinforced PA 12.


  • Very high rigidity
  • High mechanical strength
  • High hardness and toughness
  • High creep resistance
  • Very high dimensional stability
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • Low moisture absorption


Because of these properties, the material is well suited for parts exposed to high static loads in the higher temperature range in the long term.

Since glass fibres tend to cause some significant abrasion on the mating surface, PA12 GF30 is less suitable for sliding applications.


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