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PA 12 cast (Polyamide 12 cast)

A variety of superior features make PA 12 cast a superior engineering material e.g. in mechanical and apparatus engineering, the automotive industry, drive technology, food, printing, paper and packaging industries.


The properties of PA 12 C are:
  • Creep and wear resistant
  • Temperature resistant (-60 ° C to + 120 ° C)
  • Continuous loading
  • Dimensionally stable under load
  • Chemicals
  • It is the polyamide with the lowest water absorption


  • Gears
  • Cam
  • Control discs
  • Embossing forms

Modification option

PA 12 cast with steel core
The special casting process in conjunction with the tough-hard material characteristics of PA 12 casting enables the production of semi-finished products with permanently cast-in steel reinforcements made of e.g. free-cutting steel, C45, St52, V2A, V4A, aluminium, brass and cast iron.

The metal core provides additional stability in the use behaviour of machine elements.


Your advantages:

  • Economical overall solution compared to solid plastic disc with flanged metal hub
  • Optimal force and torque introduction
  • High axial and radial runout accuracy
  • No detachment of the hub, as suitable for composite plastics
  • Low thermal expansion


Your personal contact

  • Heinz Otto Kuhn

    Heinz Otto Kuhn

    Managing director and founder Contact for application consulting and calculation / purchasing
  • Christian Hillebrand

    Christian Hillebrand

    Authorized officer Contact for costing
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